Your Powdered Metal Supplier

PM National was founded in 2005 to provide an alternative powdered metal supplier in an area already well known for industry excellence. Building on our extensive experience and knowledge of the industry, we were able to deliver to the highest standards expected by our customers and prosper despite a national downturn. Working diligently to prove our commitment to quality and service, we were able to secure ISO-9000 approval within 3 months of incorporating.

Powdered Metal Supplier

Powdered Metal Success Drives Facility Growth

Thanks to our initial success, we were forced to expand within our production facility, adding 25,000 square feet of production capacity to the existing 15,000-square-foot building in 2011.

Continuing to build on our growing customer base, we also added a 3,000-square-foot corporate office building.

PM National Does Global

Our reputation as an outstanding supplier capable of consistently achieving high quality marks and on-time delivery has allowed us to become an international global supplier of powdered metal components. We ship to more than 12 countries including Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe and Asia.

Future Horizons

PM National is dedicated to constantly expanding our offerings and the breadth of solutions we provide. As part of this commitment, we actively offer our services as an economical alternative to screw machines, stampings and related casting process.

If you have a project that requires an experienced powdered metal supplier with wide-ranging capabilities,
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